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return to the Library Subject Index Homeowners Insurance When You Downsize by Gary Foreman - Choosing the right insurance for your new home What Boomers Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance by Gary Foreman - Make sure you're not paying too much or covering too little Homeowners Insurance Basics by Gary Foreman - What you need to know about homeowners insurance.

Why You Need a Home Inventory by Rick Kahler - Do you have enough insurance and could you collect?

The link between credit and insurance cost - You've worked hard to pay off your mortgage. Insurance Rates & Your Credit Score - Your auto insurance could be costing you more because of your credit score return to the Library Subject Index What Does Medicare Cover?

courtesy of Daily - Find out before the bills arrive How to Avoid Medicare Mistakes by Carol Marak - Don't jeopardize your financial or physical health 5 Options for Medications Not Covered by Medicare courtesy of Daily - Medicare doesn't cover all drugs 10 things you must know before signing up for Medicare - Medicare has many enrollment periods, including one going on right now. Medicare 101 courtesy of - Your first step to choosing a Medicare plan is knowing your choices.

Once I reach Medicare age, does it mean the end of my health savings account?

- See if a worker old enough for Medicare can keep getting HSA money from the boss. - Health savings accounts can grow over time to become a significant part of your wealth.

by Mark Heidelberger - They could save you some money!

Negotiating With the Typical Claims Adjuster by Dan Baldyga - Good faith and good sense Getting Paid on an Auto Insurance Claim - part 2 by Gary Foreman Getting Paid on an Auto Insurance Claim - part 1 by Gary Foreman Do You Know About These Auto Insurance Discounts?

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Stretching Boomers Auto Insurance Dollars by John Pirro - Don't pay needlessly high auto insurance rates.5 essential facts about health insurance - Find out the fundamentals every consumer needs to understand about health coverage. - To find a plan that's "just right," do an examination of your needs and priorities.Health insurance frequently asked questions - Find out what you want to know, starting with the basic question: What is health insurance?5 home insurance myths you may have fallen for - Old homes always cost less to insure? - See which renovations will remodel your homeowners policy and save you 10 percent. Ways to lower home insurance Video - Want to save on insurance?Don't believe that coverage cliche, or these others. Make sure to check on any new discounts your insurer may be offering.

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